Welcome to USA O-Mei Kung Fu Academy

Omei (or Emei)Kung Fu is originated from Mt Omei, which is located in Sichuan, China, renown for its natural beauty and ancient temples. Generations of Buddhists and Taoists trained in the martial arts there not only to defend themselves, but also for spiritual transformation.

Omei Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu as well as Wudang, are widely regarded as three most famous Kung Fu styles. They all encompass every Kung Fu techniques, however every style has its own features.

Today, O-Mei Kung Fu ranks as one of China’s authentic cultural treasures.

Kung Fu literally means “ great skill.” Far more than self defense alon, Kung Fu is a holistic approach to life that promotes physical , mental and spiritual well being. Through these time honored exercises, you can achieve a renewed level confidence, health, vitality, strength, power and inner peace.